Keeping you up-to-speed on new technologies and working with you to plan for future change:

  • Technology updates and insights
  • Nexans Technology Network centers
  • TEK Center quarterly newsletter
  • Annual peer-to-peer network event
  • Strategy support / specialist knowledge / outlook
  • International roll-out


Sharing expertise to define and create state-of-the-art specifications and solutions:

  • Solution specifications
  • Cabling categories and grades, standards and systems
  • Project outlines
  • Scope of Work, project planning and certified partner selection
  • Bills of materials
  • Requirements reviews, product catalogues and stock lists
  • Customer catalogues


Helping carry through the design of robust, flexible and scalable systems:

  • Infrastructure design support
  • Patching diagrams per floor, room or cabinet
  • Proofs of concept
  • Evaluation samples and laboratory mock-ups
  • Product customization and development
  • End-user training


Infrastructure blueprinting for the most precise and cost-effective installation, with on-site support and ensuring warranties.

  • Preconfiguration
  • Pre-terminated assembly, custom labeling and detailed deployment guidelines
  • Logistics
  • Contractor distribution channel management
  • Single point of contact
  • On-site assistance
  • Toolkit training, surveys, partner training and support
  • On-site audits
  • Parts & applications warranty and labour warranty


Offering training, monitoring and fast repairs and parts replacements:

  • Repair services
  • Hardware replacement services
  • Local support services


'engage' is Nexans' commitment to assist customers in every step of building an agile IT infrastructure.