Complete portfolio of physical layer infrastructure products, for worldwide delivery

With nine data communications manufacturing plants and warehouses worldwide, we can deliver the complete portfolio of physical layer infrastructure products anywhere in the world: from fiber cabling, connectivity and pre-terminated assemblies, to transceivers and fiber containment systems.

Pre-terminated assemblies

We have a full range of superior fiber optic cables and top-of-the-line connectors, built to your exact specifications. Every piece is rigorously tested before it leaves our hands, ready to be shipped direct to the job site for immediate installation. It really is that easy.

Nexans Data Center Colocation Solutions

Fiber patch cords

Patch cords are made from highly-flexible, bend-insensitive fiber to accommodate high-density patching. A bend radius of 10 mm and round design of the ENSPACE patch cord results in a small bend radius in any direction. With the round design and the small diameter of the patch cable, the area required for the patch cord is reduced by 50%, resulting in space savings, reduced disturbance of the airflow for cooling and easier patch cords management in high density racks.


Nexans enclosures offer ultra-high density and scalability without compromising operation. ENSPACE panels feature three individual sliding trays per ‘U’. This format supports 144 LC connections per rack unit. Each individual tray can be pulled forward to allow access to install or disconnect cords.

Nexans Data Center Solutions


Need longer reach or more connections than standards allow? We offer a complete line of optical transceivers in a range of form factors and transmission speeds.


Top class infrastructure management is essential to prevent damage, improve access, ensure reliability, and reduce cost of ownership. FIBREROUTE is a dedicated, rigid fiber optic pathway system, giving complete protection to cables and links and helping maintain high-speed transmission.

Copper Cable

LANmark-6 Cable

The LANmark-6 cabling solution is specifically designed to support both legacy and emerging applications across a wide variety of colocation data center network environments. The LANmark-6 Series of solutions has what you need to maintain flawless application performance, and guarantee the network lifespan you expect for your data center.

Copper Connectivity

LANmark-6 Series Connectivity

All systems in the LANmark-6 Series work with the LANmark-6 Snap in Connectors. These connectors support Cat 6 channel performance levels, and comply with all Cat 6 cabling and component standards. A wire organizer reduces risk of installation errors and ensures consistent performance.

Copper patch cords

Slimflex-6 Patch Cords

The Slimflex-6 Patch Cords support Cat 6 channel performance levels, and comply with all Cat 6 cabling and component standards. They’re fully matched with LANmark-6 cables and LANmark-6 connectors, ensuring maximum channel performance. The patch cords feature 28 AWG conductors for significantly smaller size and improved flexibility.

Fiber Optic Cable

Nexans manufactures a vast array of cable types for many diverse applications. For the data center environment, we have flame retardant designs, armored cables, and CPR compliant designs. There are also tight buffer, loose tube and ribbon options. All of them are available with our GIGAlite performance guarantees.