Introducing Patrick Lally, Strategic Accounts Manager, Nexans Data Center Solutions

When you become a Nexans Data Center Solutions customer, the first voice you hear could be Patrick Lally’s.

In his business development role, Patrick calls on everyone from end users to installers to distributors. “I try to find the decision makers and build a relationship,” he says. “I’m involved from Day One, and I’ll stay with that customer throughout the entire process. My job is not only to engage, but to respond to them as the relationship evolves.

“I like being the guy customers turn to when they have a question or a challenge,” Patrick says. “To me, every problem is an opportunity. Listening to what the customer is saying and steering them toward a solution – you feel like you’ve really made a difference.”

Patrick’s work ethic and team spirit were formed on the basketball court. A varsity player for two years at Marymount University in Virginia before an injury sidelined him, he now coaches AAU basketball, the nation’s most competitive amateur youth program. “Nothing teaches you patience like working with a bunch of talented teenagers,” Patrick says. “Everybody wants to be the next Steph Curry. But I tell them, Steph Curry wins because he’s a team player and he understands his role. For me, helping a customer succeed means bringing in the right resources – sales, technical, manufacturing or whatever is needed – and taking advantage of their abilities. Then, we all win.”

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Patrick’s son makes a slam dunk. Could he be the next Steph Curry?

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