Beni Blell’s business philosophy is simple: “Everything starts and stops with the customer,” he says. For Beni, who focuses on new business, channel strategies, and making sure that Nexans Data Center Solutions anticipates customers’ needs, this approach means understanding where a customer is, and where they’re going. “When we understand a customer’s business needs and wants, and where they wish to be in the future, then we can offer our solutions and be a part of that journey with them,” he says.

What he loves about the technology world is the incredible rate of change. “This industry continues to transform itself, in terms of customers, in terms of technology, and in terms of how people do business. What excites me is being part of that transformation,” he says. While Beni has spent the last 30 years in the US, he’s also lived and worked in Europe and Africa. “I think the diversity of my experience allows me to connect with a wide range of people and audiences, across industries and cultures. It’s a part of that emphasis on understanding,” he says.

For Beni, when the workday is done, there’s nothing better than relaxing by the water. Luckily, his home is situated on a lake, with plenty of opportunities for boating and lakeside activities with his wife, and son and daughter, ages 14 and 10. The family also keeps busy with the kids’ soccer and cheerleading activities.

You can read more about Beni’s role with Nexans Data Center Solutions here.

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Interview with Beni Blell, Vice President of Business Development

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