Nexans Pathway System Enhances Fiber Management in Texas Data Center

The fibers in a recent build-out at a Dallas/Ft. Worth-area telecom data center are better protected, more accessible and easier to manage, thanks to the installation of the FibreRoute pathway system, Nexans’ comprehensive fiber containment solution.

The system was installed as part of a 60-cabinet build-out by Align Communications, a global provider of technology infrastructure solutions and managed IT services. The installation serves six rows, each with 10 cabinets, and extends out over a nearby workstation. The FibreRoute system provides multiple trunking sizes and adapters to accommodate a wide variety of architectures and data center deployments.

“The fiber routing system utilized for this project proved to be versatile, easy to install and was the best fit for this project,” says John Vasel, project manager for Align.

John says Align used the FibreRoute system for this install based on past success with Nexans.

“We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Nexans,” he says. “They’ve provided us with various products for this project including fiber optic cables, and we’ve been very happy with the quality and the service we’ve received.

John adds, “After a thorough evaluation of the fiber routing system with the client, we were successful with its deployment and the client was pleased with their selection, end result and functionality.”

Align says the project’s biggest challenge was that they hadn’t worked with the FibreRoute system before. They partnered with Nexans to ensure they had the design and materials they needed.

“I took a layout of the data center and roughly drew the routes the fiber would take,” John says. “The Nexans team used this to generate the Bill of Materials and a drawing showing the fiber pathways.”

Eric Todd, John’s co-PM, says “The installation of the system was simplified mainly due to their toolless connectors and solutions. This made reconfigurations painless. The system went together like an erector set and the quality of the materials was beneficial.”

Through it all, they said, Patrick Lally, Nexans’ strategic accounts manager, monitored their progress and was available 24/7 to provide support.

“You know, every job has its hiccups,” Eric says, “but any time we told Patrick we needed something, he made sure we had it the next day. That’s what we’ve come to expect from them.”

“We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Nexans. They’ve provided us with various products for this project, including fiber optic cables, and we’ve been very happy with the quality and the service we’ve received.”

John Vasel, Project Manager – Align Communications

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