Nexans’ viewpoint on costs strikes a chord at TIA workshop on Optimizing Data Center Performance

Tech industry execs and experts from around the globe gathered at the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, for a day-long workshop on Optimizing Data Center Performance on October 17/17. Increasing capacity, finding greater operational efficiency and optimizing interoperability were the themes of the day, with participants seeking the latest insight into upcoming directions for data center layer 1 technology.

Nexans Applications Engineer Rakesh Sambaraju covered the optimization angle with a presentation on “Optimizing Interoperability through Standards.” His two-part presentation kicked off with an overview of where the technology is headed, including current and future Ethernet standards, and followed with an in-depth look at how to calculate the total cost of ownership for one technology vs. another.

Technology and capacity demands will continue to put pressure on data centers, says Rakesh. “The market needs 100G today,” he says. “200G and 400G are coming up quickly. The key considerations are performance and cost. For the optics, PSM4 is the better choice over CWDM4. For the cabling cost, the reverse is true: CWDM4 outperforms PSM4.”

When it comes to total cost of ownership, handling the optics and cabling independently may not be the best approach, says Rakesh. Ultimately cost analysis should be based on the big picture, rather than the individual elements.

“The physical layer is comprised of more than just cable,” says Rakesh. “Cost analysis should be holistic with cable, connectivity, and optics. Making a whole decision on the link is more efficient than sequential component decisions. Tailored solutions need to be able to be cost-effectively deployed; this can be calculated as $/Gb.”

For the approximately 100 attendees at the workshop, Rakesh’s product- and company-neutral approach offered an independent perspective on technology and the ways to calculate cost. Representatives from the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC), the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals, also appreciated the value of this perspective. After attending Rakesh’s session, they invited Rakesh to present on this topic at the OFC Conference in March, 2018, tailoring the content of his presentation to focus on developments in 400G.

“With the creation of Nexans Data Center Solutions in June, 2017, our intent was to concentrate and strengthen our expertise in data centers, to better serve our data center customers,” says Mike Connaughton, Market Segment Manager, Nexans Data Center Solutions. “Now, with the very positive response to Rakesh’s presentation at TIA, and the invitation to speak at the OFC Conference, we can see that our approach is gaining recognition and momentum.”

“Cost analysis should be holistic with cable, connectivity, and optics”

says Rakesh Sambaraju,
Applications Engineer

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