Nexans’ Rakesh Sambaraju presents TIA viewpoint in 400G panel discussion

Close to 15,000 tech professionals attended the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) in San Diego, US, from March 11 – 15, 2018. The largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals in the world, the 2018 edition of the OFC featured more than 1,100 presentations, 700 exhibitors and attendees from more than 70 countries.

One of the hottest topics at this year’s event: what’s next for 400G? OFC organizers invited six industry leaders to present a session on 400G, and the implications across the data center ecosystem. Entitled 400G Standards, MSAs and Related Technologies: What is on the Horizon?, the session featured industry experts in Ethernet, optics, form factors, chips and cabling.

“All the big data centers want to evolve to 400G, as soon as possible, and they want to know what the industry is planning for this shift,” says Rakesh Sambaraju, Applications Engineer, Nexans Data Center Solutions. “This session brought together key people in the industry to share what they’re doing with 400G, and talk about the future for this technology.”

Moderated by Tom Hausken (OSA Industry Development Associates), panellists included John D’Ambrosia, Huawei (chair of the Ethernet alliance), Mark Nowell, Cisco (representing optics), Nathan Tracy, TE Connectivity (speaking on form factors), Rob Stone, Broadcom (chips and network equipment), and Rakesh Sambaraju. Rakesh’s role was to talk about TIA and TIA’s initiatives relating to connectivity and cabling for 400G, and the impact of 400G on data centers.

In his presentation, Rakesh covered three main topic areas:

  • The impact of OM5 on 400G, and how OM5 will simplify the switch to 400G
  • The new types of connectors that are needed for 400G, and the implications for the cable infrastructure
  • How/if the hardware infrastructure that’s in place for 100G will adequately support 400G

Rakesh was invited to be part of this expert panel on 400G following his presentation at a TIA workshop on Optimizing Data Center Performance, held last October. In that session, Rakesh explored current and future Ethernet standards, and how to calculate the total cost of ownership for one technology vs. another. Representatives from the OFC, who attended Rakesh’s presentation at the TIA workshop, were impressed by his message and expertise, and invited him to speak at the March OFC, on the topic of TIA standards and implications for 400G.

“People want to know what’s happening with 400G, and how TIA is involved. The goal for this session was to share information, and for my side, to underscore that the new multimode fiber, OM5, is a good candidate for 400G for the future,” says Rakesh.

Rakesh Sambaraju speaking at an OFC panel on what’s next for 400G.
“People want to know what’s happening with 400G, and how TIA is involved.”

Rakesh Sambaraju, Applications Engineer, Nexans Data Center Solutions

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